Qiyue Wu

Qiyue Wu

Student in York, He/his


  • Chinese (mother tongue)

  • English (fluent)


  • React & NextJS & Vue

  • JavaScript & HTML & CSS

  • Python

  • Framer & Framer Motion

  • Figma

  • Microsoft Office

  • Processing

  • Notion


YO1 9TP United Kingdom




2022 — Now
York, United Kingdom

Predicted grade: 1:1 Honors Degree

2019 — 2022
Internation A-level at Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou
Changzhou, China

Chinese (A), Mathematics (B)
Extended Project Qualification (B)

Work Experience

2023 — 2023

2 Months Work

  • Redesigned Core Hosting System 2.0: Spearheaded the complete overhaul of BeWater's core hosting system, enhancing functionality and user experience.

  • Design the team profile and personal profile for the product

  • Improve the design system for design team

  • Marketing and Promotional Materials: Contributed to the creation of impactful marketing materials, including posters for events like ETH HongKong and the Viction Hackathon.

More info: BeWater.xyz (@BeWaterOfficial)

2023 — 2023
Hangzhou, China

3 Months Work

  • Landing Page Redesign for Tutu Studio: Led the creative and technical redevelopment of the landing pages, significantly improving user interface and experience. Focused on enhancing visual appeal while ensuring responsive design and seamless navigation.
2022 — 2023

1 Year Work

  • Community Operations & Engagement: Successfully spearheaded the operation and management of a high-caliber entrepreneurial community akin to Hacker News. This initiative led to a marked increase in user engagement and activity.

  • Data Analysis & Strategic Implementation: Conducted thorough analysis of community data, leading to strategic modifications in community operations. These adjustments significantly enhanced overall performance and user satisfaction.

  • Content Curation & Selection: Meticulously selected and curated high-quality, relevant content for the community, ensuring it added substantial value to the user experience.

  • Community Communication & Engagement: Authored weekly summaries of community activities and composed engaging newsletters for core members. These efforts were instrumental in heightening user engagement and fostering a stronger community bond.

  • Content Creation & Promotion: Produced a diverse array of community content, including blog posts, videos, and social media updates. These materials effectively highlighted the community's spirit and its members, contributing to increased visibility and engagement.


The Royal Challenge M&A Competition

The Royal Challenge is an annual case competition organised by the SCN.

Designed to bring together students from across Europe, the first edition of the Royal Challenge was held in June 2022 at Imperial College Business School. The event was a huge success and left many European students hungry for more.

The second edition is set to be held in November 2022 at Cambridge University Judge Business School (CJBS). With top universities from all over the world participating our aim is to unite students on a global scale.

My experence is:

  • The team is divided into the industry survey part to gain experience in industry survey and business model work
  • Investigated the state of competition in the wireless technology solutions industry and completed a detailed report
  • Gained experience in M&A process

Here, we propose a method combining traditional-real-economy’s retail products with Web3 ideas, named Econ Cadope, to boost economic growth by encouraging household consumptions.

I'm team's technical support staff, keen to explore the wireless possibilities of blockchain technology.

Programming uses the languages TypeScript and HTML to build the whole website and make our website connect with your Blockchain Wallet.


Topic: How do algorithms impact our lives?

This paper introduces the main classification of recommendation algorithm in current social media and puts forward several research viewpoints that can improve the efficiency of the algorithm.

Side Projects



林中线上图书馆,服务于对理论感兴趣 & 对学术有所追求的朋友,存在于虚拟空间的图书馆或知识体系或策展或游戏…通过交互设计,访问者可根据自己的喜好,选择自己的学科,打开我们所提供的理论脉络,清晰直观地了解每个学科的理论联系。



不着陆 is a personal multimedia website to share my own thoughts.

I'm revamping the homepage of the website currently.


WASCZer is a service platform for International students, founded and operated by Qiyue Wu, Yizhou Gu, Jason Xie, Jiayi Zhu and Mark Sun. The purpose of the program is to help international students in China gain a hands-on, direct university application experience.

We divide our project into two parts: Social Media and Services.

For Social Media part, we are running a WeChat Official Account and has published 7 articles about how to study abroad weekly. We also had a group for answering questions which Include 200 people. I am the main person in charge of the publicity department, including article editing, poster making and Logo making.


The goal of this project is to help A-level and IB students find better study resources and performance analysis websites.

The advantage of our website is that it is faster to access in China than all the famous similar websites.

My main job in the team was as the design director, helping team members review their website design and completing the logo design myself.


Jiulin is a public welfare project aimed at helping the elderly. The program was initiated through the United World College Summer Project.

We have in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Riyuexing Nursing Home to care for the elderly in the form of science popularization through wechat official accounts and visit elderly.



This is a famous technology media website in China, I have published five articles on it, and have 125,000+ views.


夜游船渡口 is my personal newsletter in Chinese, Which has 4500+ views and 300 followers, begin at 2021.

This newsletter will mainly publish my personal thoughts on issues and some information curation.


2019 — 2020
Volunteer at Shanghai Riyuexin Nursing Home